We Come in Peace




GRP [Glass reinforced Plastic]
and steel with LED lights


6m high

Commissioned by

Rokeby Southern for Antelope Park Thornhill Southampton

We Come In Peace was commissioned for a mixed use new development in the Thornhill, Southampton, a low income area. The brief was to design a landmark sculpture that could be seen from the nearby trunk road, and that could engage the youth audience form the next door housing estate. The sculpture was an enlarged development of the tripod sculptures I had been making inspired by Science Fiction and the British Geometry of Fear post- war group. As if out of War of the World the sculpture has landed in the area. This was also a comment on the nature of public art that came appear to arrive in a neighbor as if dropped out of the sky without thought of the social situation into which it is going. The sculpture was made out of Glass Reinforced Plastic, with a LED eye in the center mounted on steel legs.